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Truffle Butter

35 g | 85 g | 100 g | 500 g | 1kg

Organic butter with black truffle, made following an artisinal recipe with top quality ingredients to enjoy every bite.

La mantequilla de LaCala Foods destaca por su excelente calidad ya que para elaborarla seleccionamos cuidadosamente las mejores natas. Fieles a la receta tradicional, hemos creado una mantequilla natural de apetitosos sabores para aderezar cualquier momento del día.

La Cala Foods manufactures its butters with organic, fresh ingredients exclusively, which makes for tasty, traditionally-made products free of preservatives, flavour enhancers and other artificial additives. Thus, we are able to offer butters with a traditional and home-made character, an intense flavour, smooth consistency and an appetizing texture.

The flavoured butter of La Cala Foods perfectly accompanies crunchy slices of bread as well as meat, fish and many vegetarian dishes. Since it can be eaten fresh, straight out of the fridge, as well as be used as a garnish or as a base for cooking, its versatile character grants you plenty of culinary options to play around with. Wonder how to make soup, develop a dish, accompany lobster, fish or seafood, grill meat or create garlic bread with our butters? Discover some of these possibilities and many more on our Recipes page and on Facebook!

Descubre y saborea tu nueva mantequilla.