Flavoured Butters


En La Cala Foods somos maestros artesanos de mantequilla tradicional, mantequilla con sabor y otras variedades de mantequilla.

Estamos ubicados en Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria. Estamos orgullosos de ser la estrella emergente en la comunidad de la mantequilla y estamos decididos a convertirnos en el líder mundial en la industria de las mantequillas especializándonos en mantequillas con sabores. Nuestro objetivo es fabricar productos de calidad y mantequilla fresca de una manera tradicional.

Thanks to our unique short supply chain, we are able to deliver fresh, high-quality products at a reasonable price.

We specialise in the manufacture of small- and large-quantity private labels.

We are able to create and customize butters according to our customers' wishes. Thanks to our experience, knowledge and resources, we can manufacture a wide variety of butters, as well as a huge amount of different packages.

We are proud to be a major qualified supplier to hypermarket chains, supermarkets, specialty shops, food companies and bulk customers.