Discover and savor your new butter
Chilli flavored butter

Piri-Piri Butter

10 g. | 120 g. | 125 g. | 500 g. | 1kg.

natural butter flavored chili pepper, elaborated following the traditional recipe with top quality ingredients to enjoy every bite.

Butter FATHER It stands out for its excellent quality as to elaborate carefully select the best cremes. Faithful to the traditional recipe, we have created a natural butter flavors to spice tasty any time of day.

FATHER made their butter only fresh and natural ingredients, so the result is a traditional preservative free product, flavor enhancers and other artificial additives. A) Yes, We offer a homemade butter and traditional character with the novelty of being able to enjoy intense flavors with a smooth texture and appetizing.

Butter flavors FATHER It is perfect to accompany crispy slices of bread and for pairing with meats, fish and enliven fittings. It is the perfect culinary complement that can be eaten fresh and used for cooking tasty and original recipes.

Discover and savor your new butter.